What To Consider When Setting Up A Fire Safety Plan For Your Business

Fire safety

Maintaining a safe environment for the workers in your business is of supreme importance these days, and there are many different factors to consider in order follow the regulations and keep everyone from harm. In this article we will follow the advice of the Fire Risk Assessment Network. As an owner of a business, you have the responsibility to prevent fires and injuries from happening, then also save people in case something unexpected does happen and it is your duty to ensure a fire risk assessments are carried out. Let’s take a look at the considerations and what an owner can do to avoid fires in the workplace.

Every Business Should Have A Fire Safety Plan

In the event of a fire, each employee should have specific duties to do in order to protect clients and other employees from being victims. There should be a well thought out escape plan where leaders gather people up and lead them to the nearest fire exit. These escape plans should be posted throughout the business and everyone should know their role.

These escape plans are of no use, however, if the fire doors end up being locked when people get there. So there must be a daily check to make sure each fire door is unlocked and accessible in case of emergencies. People being trapped at locked doors is a major concern during a fire.

There Should Also Be Detectors Placed Throughout The Business

Modern smoke detectors are real lifesavers, they can detect fire, smoke, carbon dioxide and other toxins that precede a fire, giving advanced warning before any visible problems arise. There should be more than the regulated number of detectors, and some should be permanently connected to power so that dead batteries aren’t a concern.

In addition to detectors, fire extinguishers should be readily available near any possible outbreak of a fire. The employees that work near flammables should be well versed in how to put out any fire in their areas and those that could happen in other areas as well.

Fire safety courses should be given to all management personnel and any other employees that work with or around flammable products. In cases where there are cooks using greases and oils, there should always be an automatic fire suppression system installed that can detect and extinguish any fire before it can get out of hand. Grease traps should be cleaned and inspected regularly.

Regular Fire Safety Inspections Should Be Made

There are companies that will set up your fire suppression system, fire detection system and then maintain the entire safety network for a monthly fee. They will also give safety inspections and instructions to make sure the workplace is kept entirely safe from fires.

It Should Also Be Considered That Some Fires Are Arson

Many businesses have disgruntled employees, competitors, and just plain crazies that try to commit arson on them. Businesses need to protect themselves from that possibility as well. Keeping the exterior of your place of business well lit at night with no combustibles or garbage nearby is the first part of the plan.

Then, there should be a video surveillance system in place to monitor any suspicious activity that could arise. Some companies have more problems than others due to altercations with customers, employees, and terrorists that use fire as a weapon. In those cases, it’s always a good idea to patrol the premises on a regular basis in addition to cameras and other measures.

Any outside containers that have garbage in them should always be made from metal, kept locked and never overflow. Sometimes just a keep warm fire by a homeless person is enough to burn down an entire block.

If you need help developing a workable plan there are plenty of fire prevention companies that are willing to help. You can hire them as consultants or part-time contractors to help keep your business safe and secure forever.

Great Tips On Keeping Your Biomass Boiler Working Efficiently


If you have purchased and installed a biomass boiler, then you know that it will eventually need to be serviced. There are a lot of things the home-owner can do to take care of their own boiler, and some of the different tasks will be the same as any other boiler, plus there are individual services that will apply to one part of the system only, such as the chimney. Let’s take a look at all the different parts of servicing biomass boilers.

Different Biofuels Will Require Different Types Of Services

If you’re going to be burning waste wood from broken pallets that you harvest from trucking and shipping companies in you area, you’ll find that the wood is mostly well dried and leaves very little creosote in the chimney. On the other hand, if you’re gathering wet tree trimmings from the local landscaping companies, or arborists, you might find that the chimney and flue will need to be professionally cleaned every few months.

You won’t actually know the exact frequency of cleaning that is necessary until you have the flue inspected a few times to see how much buildup there is. Creosote, when built to a certain thickness, can ignite and become hot enough to melt metals, or ruin a brick and mortar chimney, requiring complete replacement, or maybe burn down a house, so it’s important from a safety standpoint as well as efficiency.

The Maintenance Of The Actual Boiler Is The Same

From the boiler to the radiators and back is almost exactly the same as a standard boiler, so any certified boiler maintenance person can do the job. There are also plenty of small tasks that the homeowner can do, but you should refer to the instruction manual that comes with the boiler for the exact maintenance schedule.

There are also warning signs and noises to listen for that indicate adjustments or cleaning that need to be done, that should all be explained in the manual, or have a professional come inspect it while you watch and learn.

If You Have A Pellet Burning Boiler There Are Other Issues

If you’re using pellets for fuel you’ll have other problems and maintenance requirements that apply only to the hopper, feeder, and igniter belonging to that part of the equipment. For that maintenance, it might be best to contact a pellet stove technician to inspect and repair any of those parts.

There are also regular tasks that you, the owner, can do, such as lubrication of the feeder and cleaning the hopper and everywhere that the pellets touch. Depending on what kind of pellets you’re buying, some of them leave a sticky residue that will eventually slow down and clog the feeder. Regular cleaning with a stiff brush, and occasionally with solvent will eliminate this problem. Not all types of pellets leave residue, however.

Most Fuels Will Leave An Ash Residue

Most types of biofuel will leave some kind of ash after it’s burned. This is something that the home-owner will have to clean out on a regular basis with a small shovel, or other supplied tool. If you’re burning corn cobs, rice hulls, or avocado seed residue, you’ll have to gauge for yourself when it needs to be done. Failure to keep the firebox clean will result in inefficient operation because the ash will insulate the fire from heating the water causing waste energy to go up the chimney.

Reducing your environmental impact by burning waste fuel or biomass is an admirable way to take action against climate change. There will always be some trade off of spending extra time and effort to do the right thing. But you will have the satisfaction of saving plenty of money on your heating bills at the same time.

Accomplishing Proper Electrical Maintenance For A Building

Electrical maintenance is the preservation and upkeep of systems and equipment that supply electricity to buildings, whether they are commercial, industrial, or residential. The electrical maintenance services can be provided by manager or owner of the building, or by an independent of site operator.

In most instances the work is done in accordance with a scheduled procedure which depends on the complexity of the electrical system, the buildings age and on an as needed basis.

The primary areas that are included most commonly in a general sense for electrical maintenance are the power outlets the surge protectors the generators and systems for lighting. Checking for structural integrity as well as stability on an internal basis is one of the keys for a while working system. A maintenance plan is constructed to check an include regular replacement of burned out incandescent and fluorescent systems, and many building managers have been changing their lighting systems to energy saving elements and bulbs.

It is important in the task of electrical maintenance for us has an electrical maintenance company to be proactive and perform preventive maintenance so we can stay ahead of potential problems. One very important purpose of such a program is to find and fix the smaller problems before they grow into larger issues. This concept is extremely important to factories, hospitals and other businesses that rely heavily on the systems on a daily basis.

In large facilities or electrical usage is heavy it is important to continually monitor switches, circuit breakers and electrical generators for solid connections and wiring that is intact. In many situations these elements are enclosed in metal tubing called conduits it protects them from wear and damage.

It is also very important that licensed electrical professionals perform these tasks, as they will have access to equipment and wiring diagrams, building specifications and blue prints and they must be able to read them and inspect all areas necessary.

The objective of all these procedures and standards is to guarantee an uninterrupted flow of electricity to all buildings and facilities required. These professionals will be constantly monitoring and checking all elements of the electrical system. Power transformers, electrical connections breakers and all sorts of equipment are checked in Modoc it on a daily basis. All of these testing procedures require an excellent understanding of systems and their components in order to keep them in good working order.

Large industrial, professional and medical buildings all require a constant supply of electricity or a short time a small crisis will result. It is the job of the electrical equipment maintenance company to ensure that all of the equipment isn’t pop working order and that there are enough spare parts available to replace in a damaged or unworkable components.

Our company has an impeccable track record in providing professional electrical equipment maintenance for a wide variety of different types of companies in many feels. We feel it is a privilege as well as an obligation to make your experience in this area one that you never have to be concerned about because you know it is being handled.

Ten Tips For Electrical Safety In The Workplace

Many business owners that fail to understand the real chance they have of encountering electrical safety issues will often neglect preparing properly to reduce the effect of such an occurrence. The Government body that handles and regulates health and safety rules receives more than a thousand reports of electrical accidents in work related incidents every year. An average of 25 deaths result each year related to injuries from these electrical accidents.

With many thanks to DDS International who are health and safety consultants and offer health and safety management packages, we offer the following ten tips to enhancing your electrical safety in the work place so that your company, its staff and colleagues can all have the best chance of staying free of harm when at work.

1. For Fixed Machinery Be Sure To Make Clearly Identified Power Switches
In an emergency it could be difficult to locate the power switch of a fixed machine if it is not clearly marked as such. Putting on stickers or other methods that clearly indicate what and where a power switch is will help to quickly turn it off.

2. When Close To A Plug, Use Portable Equipment
A portable device is very easy to unplug which removes it from the power source. This helps in reducing those things that can be damaged or that might further exacerbate the problem.

3. Don’t Unplug By Pulling The Cable
In an emergency it is common to panic and do things in a manner that is less than ideal. It is important that when unplugging machinery from the power source that you actually go to the outlet and unplug from the socket. If at all possible turn off any power to the socket before unplugging.

4. Items That Are Possibly Faulty Should Be Clearly Marked As “Do Not Use”
We highly recommend that anytime you have an item that may be faulty that you mark it with a sign or sticker that is clearly visible so that no one uses it until a professional can check to see if it needs repairs or replacement.

5. Never Clean Electrical Items Until They Are Unplugged
While we all have good intentions, accidents happen. To be safe we recommend that you always take the time to unplug electrical items before cleaning them. You might safely clean it while plugged in a hundred or even a thousand times, but it only takes once for a disaster to occur.

6. Frayed Or Worn Cables Should Be Immediately Replaced
If you are frugal you might be tempted to believe that a cable can be used longer, or that putting some duct tape can remedy the problem, but this is not a safety conscious decision. Replace it.

7. The Lowest Possible Voltage Should Be Used
When you use lower voltage, if a problem happens it is less likely to cause as serious an issue.

8. Install Enough Electrical Sockets
In a place of business there are countless things that need to be plugged in. To overload a socket is a real possibility. Be sure to install enough sockets for your needs.

9. All Electrical Installations Should Be Done By A Professional
This is no place to cut corners. Have it done by a licensed pro.

10. Appliances Should Be Properly Maintained
We recommend having all appliances set on a regular maintenance routine to ensure they are kept up.

Following these ten tips will greatly improve the safety level of your workplace.

Quality Electric Generators

An electric generator is an important purchase that a person has to make, but it can be difficult to find the right fit. In order to ensure you are getting a solution that is worthwhile, you have to go with the best service in town that not only knows what they are doing, but also has a collection of high quality electric generators. If you want the best, you have to come to the best as that is what you have to look out for. Let’s take a glance at the value of getting a great generator from the best instead of settling for average solutions.


A professional solution is essential for anyone that wants to be assured of the purchase they are making. There is nothing worse than going out and looking for a generator only to not be satisfied with the performance of the professional solution.

Always make sure you are going with a professional service as that is what you require moving forward.

A professional service is a mandatory requirement when you want the best of the best as there is nothing worse than going with a team who is looking to do the bare minimum.


What is the biggest factor you are going to require when it comes to getting a generator that is worth it? It always comes down to quality as there is nothing worse than getting stuck with a generator that does not provide the amount of energy you require in the short or long run.

The days of going with an average solution are long gone and anyone that gets stuck in this rut will never feel satisfied with the direction they are going in.
Go with a service that has years of experience and will provide a generator that is going to make you smile.


You are never going to have to fret when it comes to finding a generator in a timely fashion. There are so many people who get stuck in this kind of issue simply because they don’t have a timely solution in place.

An electric generator being ready to go as soon as possible is key and that is only going to happen if you go with a service that has been around for a long time and understands what the right solution is. A timely solution is the only kind of solution you should be hoping for in this day and age.

These are some of the most important qualities to look out for when it comes to getting a generator that is going to be well ahead of the curve. The reason you may never get a high quality, proven solution is because of the service that attends to your needs and wants. If you pay attention to what the best service in town is ready to offer, you will realize getting a great generator is as simple as going to the right team. Don’t overcomplicate matters and go with a professional service.